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Technology Changes Fast

Let us help your business stay modern with a cutting edge website


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Do you need a website that works on all devices?

Mobile Devices generate over 30% of the world's browsing activity!


Our business is making your business look good.

Let us take care of your website, so you have more time for what matters.



Professional Design

With so many website design options, it can be tough choosing the right one for your business. Pixel Point Creative has been creating and evolving for over 16 years.  We have been immersed in the design and web development field and have continued to stay on top of emerging technologies. We have the flexibility of offering budget-friendly designs for small businesses but we also excel on large scale web development projects.

Design Process


Collaboration with you is a key component to bringing your vision to life. It is essential that you thoroughly evaluate your needs and provide us with as much info as you possibly can. The information that you provide, allows us to learn as much as possible about you, your organization and your industry. Once we have the background information we need, essential research is completed and we draft the project objectives. Next, we establish a time line for your project. Discovery provides a strong foundation enabling us to move to the Implementation phase with ease and confidence.


Ideas are only part of the equation. During this phase, we make sure that your vision comes to life and that every step of the production meets your satisfaction standards. Basically, we get down to business designing, developing and creating your masterpiece. Whether you have a print piece or a website, our process is the same. For web design, we will create the framework for your site, populate all pages with graphics and content, code any technical requirements into the site including shopping carts, galleries and any interactivity. We will also create the extras you may have requested like Flash animations and multimedia components. For print design we examine the content, assess your target audience and craft a piece that aligns with your image. Finally, we present our work for your review to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our progress. After your evaluation, we make any needed changes and move to the Deployment phase.


In the final phase, we make sure that everything we've produced is ready for the spotlight. We thoroughly test to assure a flawless user experience prior to going live. We double check that we have met all project requirements, usability, technical and design standards. Being stewards to our process gives our clients the assurance that their vision will be presented as intended.

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